Couples/Relationship & Marriage Therapy

Is your relationship under strain? Do you keep having the same fight or do you keep triggering each other in the same way and can’t find a way around it?

Natalie offers sessions to help people across Buckinghamshire Berkshire, Hertfordshire & Oxfordshire in areas such as High Wycombe, Marlow, Maidenhead, Windsor, Reading, Hemel Hempstead, Oxford, Henley, Watford, Rickmansworth, Amersham & Milton Keynes

Are you and your partner constantly bickering or arguing without resolution? Perhaps you have tried to resolve it yourselves but feel like you aren’t getting anywhere?

couples-therapyIt’s true to say that our closest relationships especially romantically can provide us with the biggest triggers and push our buttons unlike anyone else.

They are where our biggest learning & growth comes from and are a fantastic opportunity to grow together if given the right tools and understanding.

With our Intuitive Core Healing Couples Therapy sessions we provide a safe environment where you and/or your partner can work to start to release the blocked energy and triggers.

How does it work?
We discuss the problem area initially and then I work with you to find the core of the problem area and release the energy around it so that it becomes less of a ‘trigger point’ for you.

After all…dissolve the energy behind the problem and…there is no problem anymore!

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