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Transpersonal Psychology Diploma
Inner Child Therapy Diploma
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
Life Coaching Diploma
Gestalt Therapy Diploma
Reiki Master Teacher
NFSH Healer
Foundation Counselling
Advanced Clearing Energetics (ACE) Level 3
Advanced Theta Healing Practitioner
Samaritan Training

Natalie has been deeply committed to helping others transform for 30 years and brings true understanding and experience to all her sessions. She has worked within the Intuitive & healing world fine-tuning her understanding & expertise over a wealth of areas within this field.

Natalie lived in Barbados for 13 years and worked as a healer and intuitive there helping 1000’s of people including not only clients living in Barbados but also tourists, visitors and clients who came from other Caribbean islands to see her. 


Internationally recognized for her work with her caring, personal approach and sincerity, she has been privileged to have lead talks & groups in America, Australia, France, Barbados & the UK, including the University of the West Indies in Barbados and the The Women’s Institute in Buckinghamshire. 

Natalie has attended many courses including trained as a Samaritan, completed a foundation course in counselling, is a qualified NFSH  healer a Reiki Master and Advanced Theta Practitioner & ACE Practitioner. She also dedicated a year to travelling around the world with a spiritual group to gain in-depth understanding about emotions, beliefs & the development of the soul.

Through her many varied life experiences and the learning they have given her, she is able to easily connect & understand her clients challenges and has true empathy, bringing love and compassion to her sessions, whatever the issue or problem is.

Natalie is confident that she can provide the very best type of help and support to her clients to fast-track their transformation.

In a world that is constantly evolving Natalie knows that there is always more to learn and develop within the self. Her ethos is to continue to learn, grow & develop, She is committed to working on herself, understanding that it is essential to keep growing and expanding to be truly effective with others….”healer heal thyself”!! Because of this she continues to find better, faster, more complete ways of working with clients.

Natalie’s life has been challenging in many ways beginning by being fostered and then adopted by a single parent child psychiatrist at the age of 8 months. She has overcome many health problems including Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain and now feels healthier and happier than ever before thanks to Intuitive Core Healing.

How did Intuitive Core Healing develop?  

Natalie Lewis founded Intuitive Core Healing in 2009 having spent many years looking for answers, reading hundreds of healing books and looking for the missing pieces connected to healing the energetic blocks we all have. Through her own self healing process and that of her clients, nothing seemed to make a lasting difference on deeper levels.

After a very intense period of several years working on herself  many methods did not go far enough to change the deep programmes, patterns, themes and core beliefs that many of us have.  By exploring & finding out what worked and what didn’t, she began to create a simple, fast-track system that would bring maximum effectiveness to as many people as possible and so Intuitive Core Healing was born.

These processes have been developed to help anyone who is serious about rapid transformation, healing themselves and creating positive change quickly and easily.