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How to change your life…

We all want to change things in our lives. I have not met anyone who does not have this desire. We are all looking for something whether that be a better job, a bigger home, a newer car, the right partner, better or new friends, more money…the list goes on.

 The great thing about where we are in our development as a species is that quite a few people who have problems and things that they want to change about their lives realise that they have to heal and sort themselves out for any real change to take place.

One of the great phrases that is currently used frequently within the groups of spiritually aware healers is “your outer world is a reflection of your inner world”. So in other words whatever you don’t like “out there”…your job, relationships, the way you are living, lack of money etc. can all be effectively changed by healing the negativity that is within you.

The reason why your life is not the way you would really love it to be is because you have negative beliefs within you that are creating blocks to the things you want in your life. it is now understood that for effective changes to take place in your life you will need to heal whatever is going on within you. Once you do this life begins to alter in amazing ways and by healing these negative parts of you a natural process of positive change happens, sometimes very quickly.

If we try to change ourselves on a daily basis through determination and intention it is possible to improve things but it takes effort and in my experience until we have cleared the deep blocks within us, the tendency is for our patterns to keep repeating, a bit like a virus in a computer. True healing is to get rid of the virus once and for all so that all programs are running smoothly. That is what we need to do for ourselves.

How can we heal ourselves in this way? Intuitive Core Healing™ is one way. This is a new healing method I have developed over a couple of years and I am delighted with the results that I am witnessing in my clients.  Some of those clients are so pleased that they then want to do the training course so that they can share this technique with others. There are of course many other methods of energy psychology and as always we need to trust ourselves and our own intuition to find the right way of moving forward and healing.

If you are interested in finding our more about Intuitive Core Healing™, please feel free to browse the rest of website. I offer one to one sessions in person and online via Skype, so you can be anywhere in the world!  As well as training in Intuitive Core Healing™ for personal development & those who wish to become practitioner’s. Contact mehere now to find out more.