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Emotional healing and freedom

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Your emotional health effects every moment of your life. Everyone goes up and down emotionally depending on what is happening in life. It is normal to feel low from time to time as long as you don’t stay feeling low for too long. When life is good we feel balanced and confident.

On the other hand when things go wrong we can feel down and it can be hard to get back to feeling balanced. The way we handle our emotions is dependent on how we have grown up and the type of environment and experiences we have had, and what negative core beliefs we have inherited and accumulated . It is from those growing up experiences that we then learn to handle our emotions in a variety of ways.

When we are not emotionally balanced we can feel that we cannot cope with life, we feel down, depressed, alone and tearful. Feeling positive emotionally allows us to cope with whatever happens in a balanced way and we live a productive life.

Your negative core beliefs, such as the belief that “I am unlovable” or “I am no good” or “I am a failure” will influence your emotional condition, and you need to develop skills to help yourself, regardless of whether you choose to work on yourself in deeper ways, such as Intuitive Core Healing™ therapy

Some of the ways to help yourself could be getting enough sleep, eating healthy food, talking about your feelings to someone who will not judge you, exercising, and generally looking after yourself.

Know the warnings signs when you are not feeling positive and take steps to stay aware of where you are emotionally and then take action as soon as possible to look after yourself in whatever way feels appropriate.

There are still taboos about admitting that you are not coping emotionally, but sharing how you feel can often help. Talk to someone that you can trust.

Signs to look for in yourself are: tearful, tired all the time, preferring to be on your own a lot, finding it hard to cope with normal day to day things, not wanting to do things you would normally enjoy, eating and drinking more or less, changes in sleep…more or less, feeling there is no point, and not liking yourself or feeling no one likes you.

If this sounds like you then it is time to do something about how you are feeling.

If you are very low then contact: they are a wonderful support organisation.