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Ten ways to heal yourself

1)  Set your Intention to be well

Setting your intention is deciding something and committing yourself to that choice.

Whatever is wrong with you…know that you can simply make another choice. chronic fatigue & fibromyalgia

You can say to yourself something like “I choose to be well. I choose to feel better and better, to heal, and to relax from this point on, day by day, trusting that I will know the perfect thing to do for myself in my healing process each day”.

  • Use your own words, say what feels right for you, and use the present tense.
  • Only use positive words, so don’t put in anything like “I am not ill any more”.
  • A simple positive intention and affirmation to remember could be “I am happier, healthier and wealthier day by day”.
  • Say your intention/affirmation out loud every day last thing at night and first thing in the morning although you can do this as often as you like during the day.
  • Try to feel positive as you are saying this. If you can believe and feel what you are saying it will work faster.

2)  Stop believing the negative thoughts you have

Whatever is wrong with you, there are always negative thoughts and emotions Panic attacks & fear therapy & treatments connected to your illness or disease. How do you stop believing them? There are numerous ways…

For some people they can simply decide to stop and this can make a big difference on its own.  Other people require techniques that work at clearing the negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs.

This in my opinion is essential and you can use various forms of energy psychology for this:

Intuitive Core Healing™, is a form of energy psychology and having a session in this modality can prove to be incredibly beneficial. Alternatively others types of holistic healing can be very helpful for relieving pain as well as much more, such as ‘EFT’, Tapping and Theta Healing.

3) Change your diet

Most illness and disease responds to dietary changes. “You are what you eat” is a powerful and true statement.

Raw food and organic food is very beneficial for many people. Do some research on the Internet to find what natural foods will help your condition. There is more and more information available now, and a great deal of it is extremely helpful.

It is essential that you tune into yourself when making dietary changes. For instance; do you feel good eating this plate of raw food? Raw food can help a great many conditions but if every mouthful is a struggle your body will not respond in a positive way. Make sure that you feel good eating what you are eating. Listen to your body.

Use advice from others as a guide, but ultimately you and your body know what is best for you, as long as you are open and aware to what it is telling you.

*Remember that you are unique and what works for someone else may not work for you.* You could also consider taking natural supplements/herbs and or vitamins that would be beneficial to you.

4) Water

Most people do not drink nearly enough water. If you have something wrong with you, then you have energy blocks, and where there are energy blocks in your body, toxins will accumulate.

By drinking 6 to 8 glasses of pure or filtered water you are making sure that whatever needs to beflushed out of your system , is doing so. This is particularly important when you are using energy psychology techniques.

5) Your Environment

Create a safe healing sanctuary for yourself. You need to feel peaceful and as relaxed as possible so that your body is able to self heal. Illness and disease comes from stress.

Have things you love around you…a favourite picture to look at, soothing music, create comfort and warmth, have some comfy cushions, a lovely plant, maybe a scented candle  or some sort of nice smell in your healing sanctuary.

Distance yourself from unsupportive people. This can be hard to do, but you do have to put you first to effectively heal.

6) Do what feels good

If you are watching lots of TV and movies connected to medical dramas, pain and suffering while you feel ill, you are energetically decreasing your opportunity to heal. Whatever you focus on you create.

Choose what you watch and read about wisely. Look for feel good/happy ending/inspirational TV and books. If you spend the morning complaining about what is wrong with you then you are definitely in the wrong energy to heal. Ask yourself “what can I do today to feel good?”.

7) Exercise and being in nature.

Both are essential for healing. Do whatever you are capable of depending on spiritual thinking
how ill you are. Move as much as you can. The more determined and disciplined you can be, even if you can only manage to exercise for 5 minutes at a time, the more your body will respond.

It is important to connect to nature and feel the earth, see the trees and get some sunlight if at all possible.

8) You have to have hope

Find something, anything…to feel hopeful about. Set a goal, make a plan, decide to do something that is good for you. Book a holiday, or plan to do something you have always wanted to do. Put it in your diary. Aim for it! The feelings of excitement and anticipation, and of looking forward to something are very healing.

9) Visualisation/Meditation/Relaxation

Visualise yourself as being completely well, balanced and happy, doing everything your heart desires. If you have fear associated with you illness the more you can focus away from it and relax the better you will start to feel.

Meditate on a regular basis to facilitate a state of being-ness and relaxation, or perhaps have a massage.

There are other therapies that are good to help you on this level such as Reiki Healing:www.natalielewis.co.uk or have a reflexology session, or Indian Head Massage. Just make sure you feel good having them! Reading spiritual or self help and inspirational books are also helpful. Know that you are important and unique and that you are here for a purpose.

10) Saying “No” and putting YOU first.

Family and friends are often demanding and drain us, whether we realise this or not. I have found that most people who have a health challenge have all sorts of beliefs and feelings connected to their family and or friends.

We often feel that we have to please others in order to be loved, or that “we have to” do such and such even when we know it will be to the detriment of ourselves. Every time you make a choice that you know will be bad for you, you are draining your energy and stopping yourself from self healing.

When you know that by doing something for someone else it is going to make you feel bad…just say no! This can be a very liberating experience. You come first in your self healing process. You are the most important person right now. Without your health you are nothing and are not living your life to your highest potential. Having said all that please do not spend the whole time feeling sorry for yourself, and becoming self absorbed, or feeling a victim. If you possibly can, do something for someone else to take your mind off your problems, as long as you feel good doing it!

With any luck reading this has given you a few ideas…

remember it’s one step at a time and ANYTHING is possible! :)

If you want to know more about healing therapies or would like some help healing physically, emotionally or spiritually. We offer a variety of modalities & training programs. Please feel free to contact us.