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Do you want to make a difference in the world by helping others to move forward and heal?

Are you in complementary therapy already and want to expand your knowledge and skills?

Intuitive Core Healing has the potential to help your clients to transform quickly and easily.

ICH Level 1
Let’s do YOU

lay the foundation

Your first step is to help yourself – understand you more deeply to be the best person/therapist you can be – you have to do you first.
This one day course lays the foundation for your personal transformation and to learn the basis of ICH.

ICH Level 2
Let’s help others

become a practitioner

Your next step is to learn how to work effectively with clients, understanding belief systems, emotions and the subconscious using ICH processes & techniques.
This three day course trains you to become a practitioner and work professionally.

ICH Level 3
Let’s get deep

advanced practitioner

Your third step is to deepen your understanding, gain additional skills and advanced techniques when working with clients.
This two day course provides you with in depth knowledge so that you can master Intuitive Core Healing.

Why train in Intuitive Core Healing™?

Training in Intuitive Core Healing™ is available for therapists and healers who would like to develop and expand their understanding and skills so that they can work on deeper levels with their clients.

Many healers are aware that their clients have blocks and negative beliefs but they are not sure how to safely, easily and effectively help their clients move forward.

By training in ICH you will be able to help your clients far more effectively by taking healing to the next level in a way that is lasting and has the ability to change everything in your clients life for the better.

“But I’m not intuitive…?”

Our training will give you the tools and techniques to do this work effectively without being intuitive. However, anyone can learn to use their intuition and just as with most things in life, the more you use it the  better you will be!

Most people have far more experience in the intuitive field than they currently realise. If you have ever based any choice or decision on instinct, sensed the mood or emotions of someone around you without them telling you, had a gut reaction to do or not do something, then you have been using your intuitive skills already!

Training in ICH will give you greater understanding and knowledge on how to use your intuition with a client in order to guide and support them to a place where they can release their emotional baggage by working together as a team during the session.

Over time you can develop an advanced ability to intuit, sense or feel your clients emotions, beliefs and energy blocks. You will then be able to intuitively connect to the client and ‘know’ what the underlying blocks are, often before they do, which can be incredibly effective when the client is not able to see or know what their core beliefs are.

“But I’m not a healer or therapist…?”

No need to worry! ICH training can be used for your own personal development by coming on our introduction Level 1 day. This day will also help you to gain the knowledge and understanding to help yourself, your family and loved ones in your personal life. 

After Level 1 you will know whether levels 2 & 3 are suitable for you.

All that you need is the desire to improve and change your life and others!

Using ICH with your current work

This healing method can be used in combination with many other therapies such as Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Essences, Crystal Healing, Holistic Massage, Theta Healing, EFT, Counselling, Transformational healing, Hypnotherapy, and more.

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“10 out of 10! Excellent – very informative – exciting & interesting – loved every minute of it!”

“I loved learning about emotions/feelings and how they effect us – the power of the process and the effect it can have is amazing.”

“I found the course very effective to learn about how by being in touch with our own feelings and getting rid of the negative beliefs, we can go forward with a happier life.”

“Very interesting subject! I could resonate with everything Natalie said, she explained everything clearly and I have more understanding of feelings, emotions & beliefs and how current issues in life can be effectively dealt with for my clients, family & friends!”

“I would definitely recommend someone else do the Intuitive Core Healing course! I have gained lots and lots of knowledge and the lunches were fabulous!”