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ICH Level 2
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Our Level 2 course will teach you how to work effectively with clients, understanding belief systems, emotions and the subconscious using ICH processes & techniques.
This three day course trains you to become a practitioner and work professionally.

Course Fee’s: £397
Course Duration: 3 days 10am-5pm (approx)
Our Next Course Location: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Our Next Course Dates: Please ask for details

Intuitive Core Healing™ is a system for pinpointing and eliminating negative core beliefs and emotions that manifest themselves as physical, spiritual and emotional problems that can affect every aspect of life from health to business.

This course is intended to help to teach a basic method which can then be built upon in Level 3 training.

Why train in Intuitive Core Healing™?

Training in Intuitive Core Healing™ is available for therapists and healers who would like to develop and expand their understanding and skills so that they can work on deeper levels with their clients.

Many healers are aware that their clients have blocks and negative beliefs but they are not sure how to safely, easily and effectively help their clients move forward.

By training in ICH you will be able to help your clients far more effectively by taking healing to the next level in a way that is lasting and has the ability to change everything in your clients life for the better.

After completion of this three day course, you will be required to complete 3 Case Studies to ensure you are practising ICH competently –  you will then gain certification.

Brief summary of level two course:

In depth understanding of core beliefs, emotions, pain, trauma & illness
Working with ICH within a session; how the process of ICH works, how to find a core belief & emotion etc.
Transforming negative/limiting beliefs energetically
Working with; trauma, anger, depression, judgement, fear,
The Subconscious Mind
Working with negative and positive beliefs
Safe ways of working & creating effective healing
How to deal with problems that may occur
The practitioner’s intention
Client safety
Personal truth
On-going development
And more!

Once you have become proficient in working with Intuitive Core Healing you will be able to help your clients quickly, easily and safely move through limiting or negative issues. You will then have the ability to help clients create positive outcomes and help them move forward in the best possible way.

Please note: Receipt of your certification of courses is dependent on full attendance to the course days & completion and submission of satisfactory case studies.

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Please contact us for further information about courses in areas across the UK.

If you would like a course to take place in your area, please contact Natalie Lewis at info@intuitivecorehealing.co.uk