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ICH Level 3
Let’s get deep

advanced practitioner

Our Level 3 course will deepen and enhance your understanding, give you the tools to develop further skills and advanced techniques working with clients.

This two day course provides you with in depth knowledge so that you can master Intuitive Core Healing and become an advanced Intuitive Core Healing practitioner.

Course Fee’s: £397
Course Duration: 2 days 10am-5pm (approx)
Our Next Course Location: High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire
Our Next Course Dates: Please ask for details

Our advanced practitioner course gives you in depth understanding of healing on much deeper levels. This course builds on the information covered within the Level 2 course and provides you with important additional methods for working with clients effectively within a session.

Some of the areas covered within this course give you quicker ways of working and alternative perspectives and methods when working with clients. This can result in more effective and complete transformation taking place within the session.

Brief summary of level three course:

Advanced methods of working
Working with physical ailments or pain
Understanding the cause of disease
Deeper ways of working with energy
Subconscious programmes
Understanding & working with key emotions e.g fear, tiredness, boredom, depression
Working with the inner child
Working with the universe
Fragmented souls or split energy
Energy clearing
De-cording and energetic closure of relationships
Psychic attack & energetic hooks

After completion of this two day course, you will be required to complete 3 Case Studies to ensure you are practising ICH competently – you will then gain certification.

Please note: Receipt of your certification of courses is dependent on full attendance to the course days & completion and submission of satisfactory case studies.

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Please contact us for further information about courses in areas across the UK.

If you would like a course to take place in your area, please contact Natalie Lewis at info@intuitivecorehealing.co.uk