Holistic healing – Healthy Living & Eating

By November 27, 2014 December 1st, 2014 complementary therapy, holistic healing, Intuitive Core Healing

Holistic healing

Food for thought…

By listening in this way and getting answers from my meditations, I set up a completely different process of healing.  Just one of the ways was my diet which altered considerably by eliminating certain foods and adding others. I changed my supplements, and much more!

One of the biggest things that I learnt during this process is that our perceptions of ‘healthy eating’ and ‘healthy living’ vary considerably. I thought that because I was eating ample fruit and veg, taking supplements etc that I was eating very well…I wasn’t!

By paying far more attention to what you are eating and reading the contents of everything…even porridge! You may be shocked at the amount of fats, sugars, salt and unnatural ingredients in so many things, even things that it would never occur to you would contain them! By paying full attention to my body I could tell how happy it was with everything I ate and altered accordingly…