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What is intuitive healing?

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Intuitive healing is a way of finding answers and solutions for what the body or person needs to allow the process of self healing to occur. These answers are to be found in the psychic, clairvoyant and spiritual energies.

Or to put it another way you are accessing a higher wisdom that is not going to be found in a medical textbook or Doctors office!

This is more than a sixth sense, it is a divine knowing felt within. This is intuition. An intuitive healer has simply developed their intuitive skills that everyone has to one degree or another.

There are many ways of working with this energy and many forms of intuitive healing, which is dependent on the development of the healer and what particular field of healing they are working in.

Some intuitive healers deal with energy blocks, look at the aura, or scan the body to see what is wrong without touching a client using their psychic sight. They then work with the client’s energy to clear the blocks acting as a facilitator. Once the intuitive healer has found where the blocked energy is they can use visualization and focussed thought for healing.

There are times when conventional medicine is unable to diagnose of find out what is wrong with a patient. Finding a good intuitive healer at that point could be valuable and get you back on track moving towards wellness again.

It is also possible to detect energetically problems that have not yet manifested in the physical body. I have found that the build up of negative energy begins to manifest in the body sometimes years ahead of a physical problem. So the Intuitive healer can often “see” a block somewhere in the body long before a physical diagnosis or symptoms are current.

One day soon I believe that we will all go to an Intuitive healer to get an energy check/scan/reading to maintain well being and to in this way be able to work on and change the beginnings of an energy block before illness and disease has become physical thus being able to remain healthy and well.

Feel free to take a look at Intuitive Core Healing™ to have a look at the form of intuitive healing I have developed.