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The law of attraction and how to manifest…

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It really is true that whatever you focus on, you create.

My daughter was visiting friends who had a wasps nest by their front door a few weeks ago. She arrived home to find me relaxing in the garden as it was a lovely sunny day. She asked me about wasps, their nests and what you do about them and she continued to talk about how much she dislikes wasps. I answered her questions and then proceeded to launch into childhood memories of mine which included how my mother would put marmalade on a saucer, wait until the wasps landed on the marmalade and they she took great delight in squashing them dead!

Anyway as we continued with our conversation I realised that there were now wasps in the garden, having really not seen any all year,and in a very short time we had lots of them…and I mean lots! There must have been 20 or 30 near us.

I suddenly realised what was happening. “We need to stop talking about wasps! Look at what we have manifested! That was fast!” I said.  We both focused on the garden being peaceful with just a few pretty butterflies and an occasional bumble bee and within minutes the wasps had disappeared and our garden was peaceful again.

But it does not end there. A couple of days later I was sharing the story of the wasps to a friend on the phone while looking at the garden. Lo and behold there they were again! I had not seen a single wasp in the interim but they were almost instantly back as soon as I began to talk about them again. I laughed and as soon as I finished my phone call I thanked the wasps for coming again.

This was really showing me how powerful we can be with our words and thoughts. I said they could go now and they did, quite quickly again. I then said out loud “my garden is a peaceful haven where I can be relaxed and calm”.

No more wasps!

This is an amazing example of how easy it is to manifest anything. It works for good and bad!

As I type this on my laptop it is October 21st and I am not near the garden, but I might just go and have a quick peep to see if they are back again…!