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Be careful what you ask for!

These days lots of people are aware of books like The Secret, Cosmic Ordering etc. The basis of these sorts of books is that you ask for something and by doing certain things like creating a vision board and focusing on what you want…hey presto…there it is! Simple! …..Or is it?

Some things are very simple to ask for and get. Timing for most of us can be an issue with a lot of what we are asking for, but small things do seem to pop up easily. One of the easiest things to ask for by the way is the perfect parking space. When it comes to the perfect partner, a new home, a better job, or good health then it gets a bit more complicated for lots of us.

I read somewhere that only 1% of the population can easily manifesttheir dream home/car/job etc. The rest of us struggle. Why is that? After years of not really understanding, I now understand quite clearly that any blocks and negative beliefs I have in my subconscious mind will influence what I can and cannot create. And until the relevant block or negative belief has been healed and changed I am not going to be able to create the changes I really would love to make.

What is really important though, is to make sure that you are clear with what you are asking for. Think carefully about what you are asking for. For instance you might really want to change jobs. So you ask for a new job, because your boss is driving you mad and you are stressed all the time. But make sure you ask in such a way that all your bases are covered. Do you want more money than you are being paid now? What location is your new job, and what sort of boss do you want?

I have met loads of people who have got exactly what they have asked for, only to realise that they have missed out some sort of detail that is important, and so have had to start again. Spend some time thinking about your issue. How would you like things to be?  Then write down exactly what you would like, and see if it feels obtainable. If it feels good, then put that piece of paper safely away and get on with your life, knowing and trusting that whatever you have asked for is yours! If it does not feel obtainable then you know for sure that you have a block that you need to clear to make effective positive changes.

Energy psychology techniques are the most effective way to create positive changes, Intuitive Core Healing™ and EFT being two of them.