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Personal development & self improvement

The choice to take an active part in your personal development & self improvement is a fantastic one. It is the choice to aim to live the most fulfilled and conscious life possible that is ever improving for your health, wealth & happiness on every level.

Do you realise you have blocks or limiting beliefs in the way of you creating what you truly desire in life?

Personal & self development Do you you approach life negatively or positively? Is the glass half full or half empty? Often the way we feel about situations effects the way we deal with them. If you find your responses are negative then there is always an underlying reason for that reaction.

With Intuitive Core Healing we help you find the reason and clear the underlying energy so that you naturally feel more positive.

We will help you to identify the area or areas that aren’t working or that you are struggling with in your life (you’ll probably know what they are already). Then we can work through these areas, find & change the root cause of the blocked energy and reason behind the problem.

Once this has happened the struggle is no longer there and then it is easier to move forward in a positive way.

Personal development & self improvement includes all areas of your life;
Emotional wellbeing
Soul; your inner world

Is your psychological or emotional baggage holding you back? Common areas that we struggle with on this level include;
Self-sabotage programs

Low self-esteem
Fear of failure & fear of success
Lack of motivation
Not feeling passionate about our lives
Limiting & negative beliefs about ourselves & life.

” In the past few weeks of having these sessions with you, I am amazed to find that everything that was hard work previously has become effortlessly easy. My creativity and knowing is suddenly there and I have clarity so that everything falls into place. ” Harry