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What are Core Beliefs?

Much like a computer we are literally ‘programmed’ with beliefs and feelings. The negative ones create blocks within our lives and illnesses over time. Core beliefs are very deep emotional beliefs that often we are not even aware of and are created when we are very young.

It is now understood that we can inherit beliefs and emotions from our parents and ancestors, they are passed down to us in our cellular memory. This is often the reason for inherited physical illnesses and diseases that are passed through generations.

During the first 6 to 7 years of our childhood many negative beliefs are also created within us, which cause us difficulties in later years and if ignored in the longer term, can eventually become illnesses. These beliefs are deep within us and we are generally not aware of them as they are hidden in the subconscious mind.

What is an emotion? 

Quite literally Emotion = energy in motion.

An emotion can also be explained as changes in the body state and are expressed feelings that characterise a state of mind such as  joy, love, hate and fear etc.
We have emotions to convey our feelings to others. Our negative emotions cause us problems and are related to negative thoughts and behaviour.

How do emotions and core beliefs affect our health?

Negative emotions can get stuck in our bio energetic field and body because we do not allow the discomfort of that negativity to flow through us. Over time, if we do not deal with that stuck emotion, feeling or block,  we can develop an illness, physical pain or some other difficulty.

Blocked negative emotions and negative beliefs cause us difficulty in just about any area of our lives, including our health. They stop our energy systems (chakras and meridians) from functioning in a balanced way. When we are not balanced we can develop disease etc.

What can you do to create emotional healing? 

By using techniques to find and clear these deep subconscious beliefs and feelings, we are addressing the energetic imbalance and can release the negativity and our lives begin to change. By healing and changing the core, or origin of these beliefs we have within us, we can not only become healthier, we can also become happier, more abundant, have harmonious relationships and much more!

We can now clear and change our entire experience and begin to live the life we have always dreamed of. Many of these faster processes to self heal are available now and are under the banner of “Energy Psychology”. Intuitive Core Healing™ is one of these methods.

Offering sessions in person and online via Skype in the UK including; London, Bucks, Berks, Herts, Oxon, Surrey, Hampshire, Beds.