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I’ve never felt this much and understood so much in all my life

“These last few days have without a word of a lie been the most remarkable of my life, I walked out of your house and just went WOW outloud to myself.

The shift is hard to believe as the insights and truth flood my being. I can actually feel my body rebuilding and readjusting. I haven’t the words to describe how overwhelmingly grateful I am for what you have given back to me.

I’ve never felt this much and understood so much in all my life, I always knew I was missing the point and no matter what or how hard I tried could never get to myself but the moment I put my trust into you and this process  I just knew that I had indeed hit the jackpot!

I have so much clarity, all of my fears and worries have been obliterated. You have opened the door for me to reclaim a self I sensed was there but could never quite reach.

I’m just so very thankful for what u have discovered to share with others, returning them to the truth of life and themselves. Beautiful!

I hope you can feel the love I have for you for what you have done for me, its been a long road but is only up from here and I look forward to our next session.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou haha I will thank you and the universe a million times over! ” – Shenae, June 2013

It’s incredible how liberated I feel today

”Wow, thank you so much for yesterday.

I woke this morning feeling so energised and positive towards the future, and whilst I can barely believe some of the previous experiences that came to light yesterday, it’s incredible how liberated I feel today so again, thank you so much for your amazing work. ” Ella, June 2013.

Self-confidence, insecurity and financial problems

“With Natalie’s help, I am building my self-confidence & realising my potential. I am not an awful person and have a lot to give. My work is increasing and I love what I do. My financial situation is improving too!

I would recommend anyone who has issues to see Natalie. This is not counselling but a realisation of who you are & how wonderful you are.

She has helped me so much. I shall continue to see her until I am happy – complete.” Francis, Buckinghamshire – April 2013

Changed my life

I had 14 sessions with Natalie and I can truly say it has changed my life. The Intuitive Core Healing sessions helped me to deal with things that no counsellor could ever achieve. It has helped me to see the wood for the trees and I have recommended it to friends with great results.

Don’t hesitate any longer, sign up with Natalie today, you won’t regret it!!! Gavin, Oxfordshire – March 2013

New Job

I had one session and it helped me tremendously when I had difficult time when starting a new job. Thank you so much –  Belinda, UK April 2013


“You’ve definitely cured my hay fever!!! I walked in a sea of oil seed rape flowers today. I rubbed my woollen gloves all over the flowers and put the pollen in my eyes. Nothing. Not a sneeze. Nothing!!

I could smell the smell that normally makes me anxious because I know that alot of discomfort and suffering is coming. But nothing happened.

Not a single sneeze today, walking all day in the countryside through those yellow fields that were previously GUARANTEED to have me incapacitated within minutes. Previously my eyes would sting and water and I would sneeze and my throat would be on fire. Absolutely nothing happened.

I haven’t taken any antihistamines since our session, except to help me sleep on occasion. Before our session I had been overdosing on the pills for the previous month to stop the symptoms.

Thank you so much! I was telling people on my hike all about ICH. I’ve also got alot out of all the other sessions and I feel a lot more centred and calm. Love, Stephen 2012 UK.

Meeting Natalie

“Dear dear Natalie, thank you so much for the wonderful session on Friday at my house. I am so happy to have met you and really glad that I took the initiative to meet with you.

What you shared with me has such great potential that I cannot even imagine where it will lead us. I’ve been working with it already and so far so good.  Wishing you continued success in your work and look forward to the next time we meet.Warm wishes, Sharon.” Sharon – Barbados

Changes in my life & my daughter already!

“Based on all the immediate changes and improvements this week I would say that the money for a session with you was some of the best money I have ever spent for my daughter.  I can’t wait to see what else changes for her in the future based on her new emotional condition! ” Robin, Texas.

Fear & stress

“Dear Natalie, thank you for giving me so much of your time both in my session with you and afterwards..

It has been an eye opener for me to the real feelings that are the cause of so much fear and consquently stress. I have been using the tools that you gave me and I’m making sure progress that never ceases to amaze me how it helps. With many many thanks, Margaret” Margaret – Barbados

I slept without my mouth-guard & anger…

“I wanted to share with you what changes are happening already.  I slept without my mouth guards last night (I use upper and lower) and felt much more relaxed, not perfect, but a drastic improvement.

This morning  when I looked in the mirror my jaw line looked different and my daughter confirmed it, both sides symmetrically changed.  Much of the anger I felt yesterday is gone currently, and I can’t wait to see if I feel and react differently to previous triggers.” – Scott

Re-lit my spiritual desire & connection to God again!

“Ever since I had that session with you, I feel more inspired to keep working on myself and to get that desire to be more connected with God and my inner self.  Thanks Natalie!

You have a gift that can help many to heal and I am so happy that I tried this way of healing because I felt it was like the spark that re-lit my spiritual desire again.  So the Passion is back! Yippee!”  T. Texas

Fear of falling over, swollen ankles & circulation.

I have been amazed at Natalie’s Intuitive Core Healing. I have had two sessions so far. Both of which contained life changing revelations for me.

The first one related to a general feeling of fear. When the source of this particular level of fear was identified and cleared I actually felt my circulation suddenly flow freely – no more swollen ankles.

In my second session, with Natalie’s insight into instances in my childhood, I came to realise that although I had vague memories of these events, I had not understood the effects which they had had upon me emotionally.

I knew that I had broken my arm twice when very young, maybe three or four years old.

I already knew that this experience was responsible for my current fear of slipping/falling over. However, it wasn’t until Natalie asked me why I was frightened of falling over that I suddenly realised that it wasn’t only the fear of the resulting pain which frightened me it was also the fear of “doing something wrong”/ “displeasing an adult” – in my mind I could hear someone saying “You should have been more careful”.

With that understanding I felt myself become lighter as if a weight had been lifted from me. I am looking forward to finding I no longer have a fear of slipping or falling. I have found these sessions extremely revealing.”

Things are better now…

Hi Natalie! You helped me soooo so so so much.  I am sooo glad I came to see you and you really did change how i do things in like, everyday life.

Things with Mummy are a lot better too. She really is trying and i can see that and things are soo much better now. Thanks again for everything.  Jess.

Lighter & happier!

“I feel so much better, lighter and happier since my session with you.  I just feel I can now deal with all the problems I have.  I can face them easily now. Thank you.” Sue, Barbados.

Totally exceeded my expectations 

“Thanks Natalie – that was amazing! I wasn’t expecting half of those old memories to knock on my emotional front door…

Sykpe rocks eh?! Who’d a thought you can do all that via the wonders of technology. Love it.

I’ve been wanting to let that emotional tidal wave out for a while. No wonder I’ve attracted a house with water issues with that lot dragging in my energetic wake.

Loved the session and your energy, you are very gifted.

Your reading and healing session totally exceeded my expectations and I was genuinely surprised at the emotional layers that I’d buried that you allowed me to release. I’m really pleased that I made the investment in myself with your session and I will be recommending you to my family and friends that I know you’d be able to help” – Rik, July 2014.

Fear of failure & not good enough

“Our first session was such an eye opener, thank you for helping me with my fear of failure. I felt a different person at the end of the session, and the feeling never went away. I used to be terrified to go to work on a daily basis fearing I wasn’t good enough for my very exciting and challenging new job, and that would spill into the rest of the day and of the time at home, putting stress on my relationship with my mom and my husband.

I wish I would have known about this over 10 years ago when I got my driver’s licence – I don’t know how I managed to pass the driving test as I was scared to death of driving, but I did though I never actually drove until last year. I realised after the birth of my daughter that I had to have the flexibility to drive to bring her to nursery, or to a new job closer to home etc. so I forced myself to get over my fear and make myself drive.

It was terrible, I was having such a hard time convincing myself I could do it – in the end I did, but with so much stress and heartache it felt like torture, for me and my husband who was teaching me how to drive!

If I would have known about ICH – well that would have spared me 10 years of fear and a year of torture trying to get over that fear!

I can feel the change when thinking of the the issues we have worked on, and a lot of the sadness and negative feelings seem to have dissipated in relation to my dad.” Daniela, High Wycombe – May 2013

You have helped me help myself

Natalie, even though I have only met you twice, you have really helped me help myself more than I could have imagined in such a short space of time and I find myself eager to get out there and get on with it and am excited that there’s so much to do …. yet no real set deadline or timescale to scare myself with in order to accomplish it all in!! Oooo Exciting!!! Mel, Berkshire – March 2013

Found me again

I had previously lost myself and now I have found me again, it’s amazing! I’m more confident, optimistic & I feel attractive again! I’m singing every morning and I haven’t done that for in over 20 years. I’m more in-tune with everything, and I now have clarity. Gillian UK Feb 2013

Nothing else worked…

“I am so glad that you were willing to use your time and talents to assist me in improving my own soul condition, my life and my health.

Like I had mentioned, I had tried several other healers before: doctors, dentists, chiropractors, acupuncture, spiritual healers, hypnotherapy, etc, many several times, and none of those visits resulted in the huge results that I had with you.”  Robin, Texas


“I came to Natalie hoping to release years of feelings accumulated from a long relationship. Before my session sitting in front of Natalie, thinking of this literally brought tears to my eyes and a sad pit in my stomach.

Through her intuitive skills, Natalie was able to guide me to a connection with these feelings and I was able to choose to release and replace with positive feelings.

After my healing session with Natalie, all of those deep feelings were gone. With these gone, I felt changed. How could I not!  I was light, free, and very happy.

This was truly a gift. I will be giving this gift to my daughter and son in the near future. Thank you, Natalie. Love and Peace, Beverly.”  Beverly – Plano, Texas

Getting to the core of the issue

“I love my sessions with Natalie. She’s a natural, sensitive, and highly intuitive healer and gets immediately to the core of the issue.  Because she has been working on her own journey for many years as well as picking up different healing modalities along the way, and she has a huge range of skills and knowledge to call upon depending upon both the person and the issue involved.

You’d be extremely hard-pressed to find someone with Natalie’s gifts and experience. And so I would have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her for a healing. There is no way you would be disappointed!” Jane – Newbury, Berkshire

Emotionally overwhelmed…

“Before the session I felt bad…I had a horrible week and was emotionally overwhemed, confused and felt heavy.

Now after one hour of Intuitive Core healing I feel perky chirpy and have clarity emotionally and in thought.I now understand the reasons of how and why I felt so awful which all stem from my childhood.

The changes were instant, rapid and I feel lighter, happier and better after the process.” Annabel, High Wycombe

Job opportunities

“Yes, yes, yes!  I feel different.  Not worried about anything.  People are contacting me about job opportunities which is a big change too.  And the lady whom I’ve been working with on my resume, told me that she’s been praying for someone to help her decorate her house.  So I’m working on that too. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Jan, Texas.

Too good to be true! Love & positivity rather than fear & anxiety.

As you know I came to you as a last resort as I was having extreme difficulty with my daughter over the last three months.
In a way, it’s a good thing that I have written you weeks after as I have had enough time to prove without a shadow of a doubt that your sessions worked ! At first I thought, it was too good to be true, but slowly as we started falling into our everyday way of life at home, your advice was put to the test.

My daughter before she came to you,  was afraid and angry. But with this new insight and your sessions came a wisdom and a calm that was not there before.

She began talking to me again like we use to do ,years ago. I started to fully understand where her fears and anxiety was coming from . And she mine. And with this new awareness I could stop myself ( most of the time ) from opening my mouth and setting the triggers off.

One of the most startling changes came from her attitude towards her terribly un kept  room. I know it sounds stupid, and I know it might be something small on the larger scale of things but to me it wasn’t. My daughters  room was like the enemy to me. It was such a thorn in my side that I had to practically  numb myself whenever I passed it, or opened the door just to keep sane.

Years of harping to my daughter to keep her room clean and having her roar at me like a lion to get out and then forcing myself to shut up caused me such anxiety I can not tell. Would you believe it had been clean for weeks ?  She is not staying awake all night in sheer defiance of me. She has become focused once again and wants to do well at school and study medicine once more.

I felt I had lost my daughter and now she was back again. But to be truthfull I can see now that there were signs that she was trying to reach out to me, but because I did not know what to do, I dismissed them and it just got worse.

But most of all ,  I have changed my way of thinking. I wake up positive, and thank the Universe/God for all that I have and will have.  And when daily challenges meet me during the course of the day , and I  feel anxious etc . I let those emotions  GO !. I have become much more attuned to my surroundings , to my intuitive self, to people and what is positive and what is toxic / negative, in my life.

I can see now, how my old way of thinking affected what I attracted to me and I see similarities in other peoples lives , as well. I have learned to trust myself much more now, and this is mainly what is giving me a better quality of life.

When you told me that this would improve other aspects of my life , I doubted it at first. but you know there is a saying that you can’t lie to yourself. And I have to admit, it has improved my life because I now see things in a whole new light. So does my daughter.

I  have become more assertive in expecting people to treat me right and they notice it and respond accordingly. My fears and anxiety are not the driving force in my life anymore. Love and Positive thinking has filled it’s place.  And most of all I look forward to living a good, long life. Thank you ! Susan.