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Intuitive Core Healing is a way of changing the areas in your life that aren’t working. 

It’s a way to help those who are suffering any form of emotional turmoil in their lives, whether brought about by a crisis, a long term problem, persistent unhappiness, depression, apathy or difficulties in relationships.

It can also be used for health problems such as pain, or spiritual problems.

Natalie offers sessions online via Skype or in person in Buckinghamshire and works with clients in and around Amersham, Chesham, Chalfont St Giles, Chalfont St Peter, Great Missenden, Chorleywood.

Personal & self development Do you you approach life negatively or positively? Is the glass half full or half empty? Often the way we feel about situations effects the way we deal with them. If you find your responses are negative then there is always an underlying reason for that reaction.

The choice to take an active part in your personal development & self improvement is a fantastic one. It is the choice to aim to live the most fulfilled and conscious life possible that is ever improving for your health, wealth & happiness on every level.

Intuitive Core Healing is a fast-track way to change any area of your life, whether that’s physical, emotional or spiritual. It is a system for pin-pointing and clearing the blocks, emotions & beliefs that challenge you in life.

Emotional therapy holds the belief that emotional well being is  key to a happy fulfilling and healthy life. Its aim is to bring clients to a wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Your beliefs and thoughts, both conscious and subconscious are a major part in creating your life as it is now.

Here lies the tremendous power and potential of Intuitive Core Healing! As human beings we find it incredibly difficult to access our own subconscious minds and therefore it is near-on impossible to clean up the ‘glitch’ in the program and let go of automatically running programming.

The Intuitive Core Healing process is one designed to help you access your subconscious as well as clear the root cause of your conscious issues. You can then release the trapped energy, limiting blocks, beliefs, emotions & feelings that are holding you back.

You can change the bits of you and your life that aren’t working, that you don’t like and that you’ve tried so many different ways to change already.

Emotional baggage or clutter whether recent or built up over several years, needs to be cleared so that we can continue to live a full, happy and balanced life.

ICH can help relieve things such as pain, stress, trauma, anxietydepression and emotional imbalance that causes physical problems and ailments. 

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