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Intuitive Core Healing is available for clients internationally via Skype. Sessions are also available in person for people in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire & Hertfordshire such as High Wycombe, Marlow, Maidenhead, Windsor, Amersham, Milton Keynes & Watford. 

Inner Child Healing & Therapy

We all know that our environment, culture and the way in which we were brought up has had an effect on us during our lives. But what if these things are still running the entire show and shape of our lives right now without us even realising?

inner child healing & therapy bucks, berks & herts What if our inner child and our emotions & beliefs in our conscious and sub-conscious minds are creating our reality, our life’s experiences and how we interact and react with the world all of the time without us even realising!

Through Energy Psychology techniques we are now aware that a child’s brain wave state up until the age of around 7 years old is in the Theta brainwave state which means that anything and everything that they are exposed to and experience is absorbed like water to a sponge

At this point in our development we do not have the ability to fully differentiate between what is reality and what is not, what is truth, and what is not or have the tools to process events that occurred effectively. This means that the energy created in these moments, becomes locked and blocked in our energy system creating limiting beliefs and patterns in our lives.

Have you ever asked yourself these things?

Why do I react in certain ways in certain situations?
Where did my behaviour patterns come from?
Why do I sometimes feel so: helpless; lonely; desperate; scared; angry; suicidal; etc.?
Why am I stuck in the same pattern in my life?
Why do some people have different emotional responses to the same life experience?

Inner child healing & therapy using Intuitive Core Healing is a powerful way to address the child within us that is still hurting from past experiences. This often still affects us in our adult lives without us realising and can be the reason we are able or unable to cope or progress in certain situations.

It is your inner child, your core emotions & beliefs that were created in a key phase of life that affect how you act and react automatically as an adult.

Intuitive Core Healing is a gentle yet powerful technique developed to enable you to release this blocked energy and inner child programming in a simple and effective way. This will help you to clearly identify & transform the root cause of the energy and thus your reaction and interaction with life’s experiences. Natalie uses a variety of techniques and approaches which are tailored for you in the session often creating rapid, powerful & lasting effects for her clients. 

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