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The Intuitive Core Healing process is one designed to help you access your subconscious as well as clear the root cause of your conscious issues. You can then release the trapped energy, limiting blocks, beliefs, emotions & feelings that are holding you back.

Personal & self development Personal sessions are a wonderful way to move forward rapidly – these are available either in person, by phone or Skype. You can be anywhere in the world! Natalie works regularly with clients in and around Kent throughout, Gillingham, Maidstone, Chatham & Ashford.

We will help you to identify the area or areas that aren’t working or that you are struggling with in your life (you’ll probably know what they are already). Then we can work through these areas, find & change the root cause of the blocked energy and reason behind the problem.

Once this has happened the struggle is no longer there and then it is easier to move forward in a positive way.

Do you want to change but don’t  know how to?
Are you aware that you are not living to your full potential?
Do you know that you are so much more than the life that you are currently living?

Intuitive Core Healing can help you overcome any block or limiting belief/feeling that is in the way of you living the life that you truly desire.

Much like a computer we are literally ‘programmed’ with beliefs and feelings. The negative ones create blocks within our lives and illnesses over time. Core beliefs are very deep emotional beliefs that often we are not even aware of and are created when we are very young.

Emotional baggage or clutter whether recent or built up over several years, needs to be cleared so that we can continue to live a full, happy and balanced life.

Our current experiences and behaviour can be constrained by negative past experiences, which influence our current thoughts and feelings and can actually distort our ability to unleash our full potential in the present.

Feeling stressed or have anxiety?
If you are feeling stressed or suffering from anxiety it can be useful to understand that your feelings are coming from fears & beliefs that you have about yourself and your life. These feelings that we experience are often when the demands made on us are greater than our perceived ability to cope. Find out more…

Struggling with Social Anxiety?
It is possible to clear the root causes wherever they have come from so that your issues become a thing of the path. There is then no need to ‘try to cope’ as once you have cleared the underlying reason & energy for your social anxiety/shyness you can feel confident, relaxed & calm in social environments.

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