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To create lasting changes with an issue it is essential to find the root cause of the issue/problem. Trying to do this work unsupported or work through this on your own can be beneficial in clearing some of the energy felt about the problem but it is unlikely to access the root cause due to the complexity of the human psyche which often means we get in our own way.

Personal & self development We can now clear and change our entire experience and begin to live the life we have always dreamed of.

Natalie provides a safe and gentle space to guide you through your healing process. The process is simple yet powerful and can have rapid and lasting results. Working with clients throughout London, Ealing, Hammersmith, Brent, Kensington & Chelsea.

With Intuitive Core Healing, we believe everything comes back to this point. Your emotions & beliefs. So any problem can benefit from working in this way. Many conventional medicine therapies simply place a plaster over the problem, giving you a temporary fix.

By working in this way, the aim is to find the core source of the problem, and remove it so that healing can take place fully & effectively.

Your beliefs and thoughts, both conscious and subconscious are a major part in creating your life as it is now.

‘Limiting’ beliefs and feelings in you can be responsible for a lack of happiness, joy and achievement in any area of your life including: career, relationships, finance, life purpose, home life and physical health. As these are changed within, it stands to reason that your outer world has to follow.

By using techniques to find and clear these deep subconscious beliefs and feelings, we are addressing the energetic imbalance and can release the negativity and our lives begin to change. By healing and changing the core, or origin of these beliefs we have within us, we can not only become healthier, we can also become happier, more abundant, have harmonious relationships and much more!

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