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Intuitive Core Healing can help with stress, anxiety, sadness, depression, trauma, grief and any other emotional imbalance. It can also help with physical problems, pain & ailments including chronic pain, chronic fatigue & ME

Personal & self development If there’s something that’s not working in your life, it is caused by blocked energy in your energy system. Natalie works with clients locally and internationally. Based in Buckinghamshire she works regularly with clients in and around Marlow, Henley-on-Thames, Bourne End & Cookham. 


Are you suffering with depression?
Intuitive Core healing views depression literally as depressed or suppressed energy. It is a build up of suppressed/depressed feelings that have felt overwhelming or uncomfortable at the time and have been pushed down. It can often be inherited sometimes from several generations before you.

The way to transform depression is to clear the origin of the blocked and suppressed energy. Intuitive Core Healing will help you to find the core, root cause of the feelings and release them. Find out more about depression therapy here.

Are you looking for help with anxiety?
If you are feeling stressed or suffering from anxiety it can be useful to understand that your feelings are coming from fears & beliefs that you have about yourself and your life. These feelings that we experience are often when the demands made on us are greater than our perceived ability to cope.

Intuitive Core Healing helps you address & clear where the feelings of stress & anxiety originate so that you can transform them. Then the situations that surround you in your day-to-day life no longer have the same impact on you physically & emotionally making your experience easier and more enjoyable. Find out more about anxiety therapy here

Intuitive Core Healing dissolves those blocks by finding the ‘core’ or the origin of the block and releases the energy around it. Once this has happened you will feel positive changes surrounding the issue. Clients often describe this as feeling ‘lighter, better & more peaceful’

You can change the bits of you and your life that aren’t working, that you don’t like and that you’ve tried so many different ways to change already.

Intuitive Core Healing is a way to change and let go of anything you feel stuck in.

Our therapy holds the belief that emotional well being is key to a happy fulfilling and healthy life. Its aim is to bring clients to a wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

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