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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD can be emotional and/or physical trauma. It is usually the re-experiencing of a traumatic event with flashbacks, nightmares & physical sensations.

stress & anxiety treatment & therapy Sessions to help with PTSD are available online via Skype and in person around Buckinghamshire, Berkshire & Oxfordshire including High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Oxford, Windsor, Reading, Amersham & Milton Keynes.

The reason someone who is suffering from PTSD struggles and keeps reliving the trauma is because the energetic reaction to the event has become stuck.  The recurring feelings and sensations are your body’s way of showing you that you need to address this traumatic event and release the energy so that it is so longer a part of your experience.

It is even possible for negative memories of an event to fade as the energy disappears and many of Natalie’s clients have been amazed at this.

Sometimes by talking about the event and trauma makes things worse because it is possible to add to the existing energy by doing this. With Natalie’s approach the emphasis is placed on releasing & letting go of the original energy of the trauma.

The Intuitive Core Healing process can be used to clear and release the original traumatic event on an energy level sometimes quite rapidly. The process is swift, gentle and there is no need for a lengthy and distressing recall of events, infact if required you don’t need to talk about it at all for the session to work.

It is possible to release the traumatic energy without reliving it.

Once the energy of the trauma has been cleared, you will stop re-experiencing the event because the energy is no longer there.

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