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Intuitive Core Healing™ is a process of complementary therapy that has been developed to help you to find the blocks in your life and clear them so that you can move forward in a better and more positive way.

ICH can help relieve things such as stress, sadness, trauma, anxiety, depression and emotional imbalance that causes physical problems and ailments. In this process you begin the journey of healing by clearing the negative beliefs and blocked energy that are preventing you from reaching your highest potential.

One of the categories Intuitive Core Healing falls under is Vibrational healing.

Vibrational healing  is based on the scientific principles that all matter vibrates to a precise frequency, the higher the frequency the healthier and better the energy flow of your life and how it unfolds. By using energy psychology techniques and vibrational healing modalities like Intuitive Core Healing to clear and re-balance our energy system, balance in our lives can be restored.

When our vibrational energy is disturbed through a variety of ways including but not limited to emotions, beliefs, stress, anxiety, trauma etc then the energetic body slows its level of vibration and flow through the body. Energy blocks in our system can also occur due to this.

These blockages and imbalances cause our cells, organs, system, or energetic body to slow it’s vibration. Slow vibrations result in disease (dis-ease) or illness. The process of vibrational healing is to clear these unbalanced vibrations and allow our energy system to flow freely again.

Vibrational/Energy Therapy is a process that allows stuck energy to clear, move or vibrate again…or over-stimulated energy to re-balance again. This is the experience of not only health and vitality, but expansion, emotional health, transformation of consciousness and so much more!