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Intuitive Core Healing

Intuitive Core Healing is a fast track way to help transform any area of your or your client’s life. This healing process can help on emotional, physical, spiritual and mental levels.

This therapy is a system for pin-pointing and clearing the blocks, emotional baggage and belief systems that are limiting, restricting or challenging us.

Learn how to successfully re-write negative programming, work with the subconscious, heal blocks, work with energy, the mind and emotions holistically.

These courses are perfect if you are already a therapist or healer and would like to expand your skills or for personal development and growth so that you can live a happier life and understand yourself better, create better relationships to live a more harmonious life.

Break Free From Old Habits
Clear Limiting Thought Patterns
Let go of Negative Belief Systems
Tap into undiscovered power
Align with who you really are
Step into a life you’ll love
Face life’s challenges with greater ease
Take control of the driving seat
Empower yourself and others

Are you feeling stuck or blocked?
Do you want to change something but don’t know how to?
Do you know you are stuck in a repeat pattern but can’t seem to change it?

We all know that we carry around emotional baggage with us from past experiences. We are generally not consciously aware of all the blocks & beliefs that are holding us back as they are often deeply rooted and hidden in our subconscious.

Much like a virus runs in a computer, our emotions & beliefs are automatically running within our subconscious, creating glitches & problems in our life.

We can’t successfully re-write this programming on an intellectual & conscious level for any length of time, instead what is needed is for the healing to take place on an emotional & energy level.

Intuitive Core Healing helps us access our subconscious so that we can truly let go of our baggage once and for all!

Intuitive Core Healing empowers & transforms you & your life.

natalie & gabriella – your trainers

We intend to make all our courses straightforward, comprehensive, professional and fun.

Our courses are designed to give you the best foundation and knowledge to become the most effective healer possible so that you can practice safely and effectively.

We teach you how to conduct a professional and enjoyable treatment whilst keeping yourself and your clients well-being as paramount.

Whatever your reasons for taking an Intuitive Core Healing course it is often said to be an experience that changes and enhances your life forever. There really is nothing quite so amazing as learning ICH!

  • Insurance approved practitioner courses

  • Small Groups

  • 2 x Trainers

  • 35 yrs healing & therapy experience

  • Mother & Daughter Team

  • In depth training

  • Safe & relaxed environment

  • Based in Buckinghamshire